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Beyond Straight Teeth: 5 Benefits of Invisible Braces

February 14, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Chris Davis
Adult Orthodontics in Lexington KY | Up Close Shot of Straight Smile

Do you know someone who had Invisalign treatment? The most noticeable difference, of course, is the beauty of a symmetrical, balanced smile. But the benefits of invisible braces in Lexington, KY go beyond appearance alone.

The reasons why our patients love ClearCorrect invisible aligners can be broken down into three main benefits:

1. ClearCorrect Renews Your Confidence

When you know your smile looks great, you feel like you can take on the world! Not only will you feel more confident, but others will see you as being more self-assured, which is a great asset in social and business interactions.

2. Clear Aligners Improve Oral Hygiene

Effective brushing and flossing mean that you’re getting your teeth as clean as you can. But if you can’t get your brush and floss between crooked or crowded teeth, plaque and tartar build up and lead to decay and gum disease.

3. ClearCorrect Promotes Healthier Gums

Since you can’t brush and floss effectively with crooked and overlapping teeth, plaque and tartar can build up between teeth and at the gum line and lead to periodontal disease.

4. Aligners Minimize Head and Neck Pain

Your dental bite is the way your teeth fit together when you close your mouth. If you have an unbalanced bite or jaw misalignment, you may experience head and neck pain. By straightening your teeth, you take the stress off your jaw joint and alleviates the pain.

5. Aligners Prevent Abnormal Wear and Tear

A bad bite can cause abnormal tooth wear, but restoring worn teeth doesn’t necessarily eliminate the cause. When you fix your bite, you fix the abnormality for a complete solution.

Your Lexington ClearCorrect Dentist

Treatment with invisible braces in Lexington, KY can be life-changing. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a straighter smile, please call Garden Springs Dental to arrange a consultation with Dr. Chris Davis.

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