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How much do dentures cost?

The cost of dentures in Lexington, KY depends on several factors. The area where you live, the type of dentures we recommend, and the quality of the material used all dictate the cost. But in large part, it’s the materials that drive the cost of dentures up or down.

Full & Partial Dentures Near Lexington, KY

Dentures made with plastic prosthetic teeth are the most cost-effective, and a full set of uppers and Sets of full and partial dentures at Lexington dentist officelowers usually cost about $1,000. At first glance, this seems like an affordable solution. However, the material used is low quality, so the dentures don’t always look natural, and they may also irritate your mouth.

Mid-priced dentures of higher quality material are around $3,000 for a full set of uppers and lowers. These dentures tend to look more natural and last longer than the lower priced option.

Dentures made using premium materials are customized to enhance your appearance and cost about $8,000 for a complete set. These are the most natural-looking because the artificial teeth are made of a material that closely mimics the appearance of natural teeth. We have total control over the shape, shade, size, and positioning of each tooth, and the result is a set of dentures that look as close to real teeth as possible.

There’s no doubt that premium dentures are an investment. However, if you’ve ever spent a moment wearing dentures that look fake or don’t fit well, you know that the difference in comfort and appearance is well worth the price.

We can give you a better estimate of the cost of dentures in Lexington, KY when we meet with you. Please call Garden Springs Dental to arrange an appointment to get started.

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