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What should I expect if I need a crown?

Dental Crown | Garden Springs Dental When a tooth breaks, often a dental crown is needed to restore it to normal function.  A crown typically covers all surfaces of the tooth and requires the shaving down and shaping of all of these surfaces.  Local anesthesia is given to “numb” the nerve of the tooth prior to any preparation so no pain is felt. The remaining tooth structure is then scanned with our 3D scanner and the scan is uploaded into our In-house crown system. 

The Crown Application

A crown is then designed and milled, in-house, to precisely fit the original prepped tooth and replace the removed structure. After milling, the crown is cemented over the original tooth with a resin cement.  The crown is made of porcelain and is the same color and texture as your original tooth.

In some cases, the crown may need to be created in a dental lab based on the specific conditions of your tooth and mouth.  This may require a separate crown insert appointment.  Don't worry though, a temporary crown will be made and placed over the prepped tooth to protect it until your permanent crown is inserted. 

Dental Crowns in Lexington

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