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Will I have to wear a retainer after invisible braces?

If you want to maintain your straight smile after treatment with ClearCorrect invisible braces in Lexington, you must wear a retainer. Without a retainer, your teeth can quickly relapse into a crooked position and undo all your efforts.

With any type of orthodontic treatment, there are three stages: planning, active, and retention. Each builds upon the other to help straighten crooked or crowded teeth and then maintain the results. 

During planning, you and your dentist in Lexington determine if invisible braces are the most appropriate approach for your unique needs. Your step-by-step treatment plan is mapped out, and then you are ready for the active stage. 

With ClearCorrect, you wear the customized clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day, removing them only for meals, oral hygiene, or an occasion like a job interview. 

When you have finished wearing all your aligners, you start the retention stage. Our 40504 dentists will explain why wearing a retainer is crucial and which type will help you maintain optimal results. Your teeth are always moving to some extent, and not wearing your retainer allows them to gradually revert to their original crooked position.

At Garden Springs Dental, we help lots of adult patients who had braces as a child but didn’t wear their retainer and now need retreatment. While it may seem inconvenient to remember to wear a retainer, when you compare it to the inconvenience of going through Invisalign treatment again, it’s a very small price to pay.

Do you have other questions about wearing a retainer, or are you interested in seeing if invisible braces are right for you? Please call our Lexington, KY dental office so we can schedule an appointment to get started.

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