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3 Benefits of Receiving BOTOX Treatment from Your Dentist

May 26, 2020
Posted By: Garden Springs Dental

If you're living with TMJ-related pain, your dentist may recommend BOTOX® injections to help you manage your symptoms. And here at Garden Springs Dental, we can conveniently administer those injections under our roof!

But why see a dentist for BOTOX treatment rather than your medical doctor? Below, we discuss three specific reasons:

#1 Your Dentist Knows Your Facial Anatomy Better Than Most Medical Providers

While in dental school, dentists receive extensive training on human oral and maxillofacial structures. This means that your Lexington dentist understands your facial anatomy better than the average doctor, and they definitely spend more of their careers working around this specific area of the body.

Because BOTOX injections involve the placement of needles in very precise facial locations, your dentist—who knows facial structure backward and forward—is just the right person to administer the injections.

#2 You Can Stick With a Familiar Treatment Team

It's important to receive your BOTOX injections from providers you trust, and getting those injections from your dentist means that you don't have to start over with a new medical office and a new doctor you've never met before.

At Garden Springs Dental, we can treat your TMJ pain in Lexington with BOTOX injections right from our dental chair, which means you get to stay somewhere you're comfortable and not worry about commuting to yet another treatment location.

#3 Your Dentist Will Monitor the Health of Your Teeth

TMJ pain is often the result of grinding and clenching your jaw, which takes a big toll on your oral health over time.

When you receive your BOTOX injections from your dental provider, you're already in a position for us to monitor your dental health and observe any potential changes to your teeth over time. If you're experiencing dental wear-and-tear brought on by tooth grinding, we can adjust the frequency of your BOTOX treatments until we discover the right balance.

To schedule a dental consultation for BOTOX in Lexington, KY, please give our dentists a call today!

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