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I Woke Up with Pain and Swelling. What Do I Do Now?

September 23, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Chris Davis
Woman with Tooth Pain | Dental Emergencies in Lexington KY

You first noticed a little stab of pain while you were enjoying an ice cream cone with your family yesterday, then the pain worsened overnight, and now you just woke up with the worst toothache you’ve ever had. This common scenario has a million different variations, but the results are always the same; you’re in pain and you need relief.

Call Your Lexington Dentist First 

Pain of any kind is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right. While you may be able to ignore a pain in your arm or leg for a while, pain in your tooth is non-negotiable; you need relief and you need it now.

The first step in any dental emergency – especially if you’re in pain - is to call Garden Springs Dental and let us know what’s going on. We’ll listen to your concerns, arrange an appointment as soon as possible, and provide instructions for relief until you get to our office.

Steps to Take at Home

There are several ways you can help yourself until you get to our office.

  • If it’s not too painful, try to gently floss around the tooth to check for food that might be lodged and causing discomfort.
  • Take an over the counter anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen to provide relief until you get to our office.
  • Place a cold compress on and off your cheek at 20-minute intervals to relieve pain.

Don’t Put Off Calling Us

Many people aren’t fans of dental visits and might be tempted to “tough it out” and hope that the ibuprofen does its job for as long as possible. This might buy you a day or even a week, but you know it’s inevitable that you’ll have to make the call eventually. And unfortunately, a problem like an infected root canal can cause so much damage by the time you do that you may end up losing the tooth.

If you are in pain, call us right away and we will arrange to see you as soon as possible, probably the same day. We offer all types of emergency services at our Lexington, KY dental office including fillings, root canals, and extractions to protect your oral health and provide the relief you need.  

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