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How do I know if I need a root canal?

Man with Tooth Pain | Garden Springs DentalThe answer is that you won’t know if you need a root canal until you make an appointment at Garden Springs Dental. Dr. Davis will perform a thorough exam and take x-rays to determine what the problem is and whether or not root canal treatment (endodontics) is needed.

Why We Perform Root Canals

A tooth often needs a root canal as a result of an untreated cavity, injury to the tooth, or prior dental work. The first symptom most people notice is severe pain; however, not all root canal infections involve pain. We recommend dental exams every six months because they allow us to detect and treat problems like infected root canals long before they cause you pain.

Root canal treatment is not nearly as complicated or difficult as you may believe. Updated techniques and technology combined with supportive care and soothing nitrous oxide make the procedure absolutely nothing to fear. In fact, you should view a root canal as your ticket to relief because that’s exactly what it is.

Dr. Davis will remove all infected material, fill the root canals, and seal the tooth. If we don’t eliminate the infection, your pain will worsen and continue, and you will likely lose the tooth.

Gentle Root Canals in Lexington KY

If you are in pain, please call Garden Springs Dental. Dr. Davis has over 20 years of experience performing comfortable root canals in Lexington, KY and he can help you too. 

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