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I want straighter teeth but don’t want braces. What do you suggest?

Woman putting on ClearCorrect braces in Lexington KYIf you’re an adult who loves the idea of a straighter smile without a mouthful of metal, we offer the perfect solution! Orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect invisible braces is more discreet, convenient, and comfortable than conventional braces.

Why Lexington Patients Love ClearCorrect

Invisible braces are an excellent choice for straightening mild to moderate teeth misalignments, but many adults also choose them to improve the aesthetics of their smile. In either case, there are many reasons to consider ClearCorrect:

  • The smooth plastic aligners won’t irritate sensitive tissues in your mouth.
  • Since the aligners are removable, there are no food restrictions
  • Crystal-clear plastic material blends discreetly with your smile
  • You can remove the aligners for efficient, thorough oral hygiene
  • Treatment times are shorter in many cases, sometimes as little as a year.

Based on the extent of misalignment, you will receive several sets of customized aligner trays that are designed to nudge your teeth step by step into the desired position. Wear each set at least 22 hours a day for about two weeks, then advance to the next set in the series.

Each time you move to the next set of aligners, you will see and feel the difference in the positioning of your teeth. Continue this way until you use all your aligners and treatment is complete!

ClearCorrect Consultations in Lexington

If you think that ClearCorrect invisible braces might be an option for you, please call Garden Springs Dental to arrange a consultation with Dr. Chris Davis or Dr. Gregory Edens. They’ll discuss your concerns, evaluate your smile, and get you started on your way to a more balanced and beautiful smile! 

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