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How do you treat TMJ pain?

Do you awaken with pain in your jaw? Do you have frequent headaches or soreness and pain in your neck and shoulder? Do you grind and clench your teeth?

These symptoms all indicate a problem with your TMJ or jaw joint that controls the lower jaw movement. If the TMJ becomes damaged or overworked due to excessive teeth grinding, injury to the jaw, or a misaligned dental bite, you experience TMJ pain.

TMJ Pain Treatment in Lexington, KY

When we approach treatment for TMJ pain, the goal is to improve the function and mobility of the joint. Stress is often a source of TMJ pain and tension, so the first step might be medication therapy or relaxing activities like meditation.

Just as often, however, jaw joint pain can result from teeth grinding and clenching while you sleep. In this case, our Lexington TMJ dentist would recommend a custom night guard that prevents your teeth from touching, which allows the jaw joint to rest.

We Can Help Resolve Your TMJ Pain

If the symptoms of a painful jaw joint compromise your comfort and quality of life, call the team at Garden Springs Dental. Dr. Davis and Dr. Edens are experienced in providing TMJ pain relief for their 40504 patients. They will examine to locate the source of your pain and provide treatment to eliminate your TMJ pain.

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